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Jon Favreau Aimed To Keep The Scale Of THE MANDALORIAN Similar To A NEW HOPE


While plenty of people could make pretty good guesses on what The Mandalorian is going to feel like, there has never been a live action Star Wars television show before. While no one knows for sure, most people are hoping they will feel like the movies and fit into the universe seamlessly.

The DGA sat down for an interview with Jon Favreau, where he tells them that they shot most of it practically, and it will have the feel of A New Hope:

“Since I wrote most of [The Mandalorian], I wrote it to fit within our volume, and in trying to keep the scale of it like the first Star Wars film, which was a relatively low-budget affair, even though the effects were spectacular. And so we tried to bring that aesthetic into this because it actually paired up quite well with these techniques.”

That just speaks to the scope of Favreau’s talents. He can shoot practical like The Mandalorian. He can shoot a seamless blend of CGI and practical like Iron Man, or he can shoot 100% CGI like The Lion King. His sensibilities come out in all of those ways because of how strong of a filmmaker he is. (Watch Chef because its a delightful film, and shows off all of Favreau’s talent.)

For those that need to judge it for themselves, you won’t have to wait long for a sneak peek. Star Wars Celebration is this weekend, and we are expected to get a trailer and premiere date for the show. Between that and the Disney + info we are expected to get today, we should know the details of it, like if it will launch with the service, and if they will drop the whole season at once like Netflix, or do weekly episode releases like Hulu.

Either way, it sounds like The Mandalorian will feel like it will fit right in with the rest of the saga. George Lucas did visit the set, which is like a badge of honor for the new Star Wars filmmakers.

Source: The Directors Guild Of America


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