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THE SUICIDE SQUAD: Gunn Seems To Confirm Inspiration, Fuels Bronze Tiger Rumors For Idris Elba


A few weeks back, THR’s Heat Vision blog reported that The Suicide Squad writer-director James Gunn was drawing inspiration from a particular run from the group’s comic book canon. They claimed Gunn was looking at John Ostrander’s run from the 80s. And last night, the filmmaker seemed to confirm as much when he posted a particular image in a story on his Instagram account.

What was the image, you ask? It just so happens to be the cover of one of the books from Ostrander’s run of Suicide Squad books:

(From Left to Right:
Enchantress, Bronze Tiger, Rick Flag, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, and Mindboggler)

If that’s indeed what he’s indicating here, it insures that The Suicide Squad will have a very different vibe than the 2016 film by David Ayer. That movie drew inspiration from the New 52 iteration of the team.

Another interesting subplot here is the way this fuels one particular fan theory: That Idris Elba’s new role in the film is Bronze Tiger.

Late last week it was revealed that Elba was no longer playing a recast version of Will Smith’s Deadshot, but rather that Gunn was rewriting his character and making him someone new to the cinematic Suicide Squad.

Right away, people started making connections to the Ostrander run and suggesting Elba would be perfect for the role of Bronze Tiger. So having that character here on the front line of the Suicide Squad book he’s drawing inspiration from is sure to fire up some imaginations out there. Especially when you consider that other characters pictured here include Rick Flag and Captain Boomerang- who are both expected to return.

So this roster for the Squad is one worth paying attention to as we consider all of the different rumored members of the team that have trickled out over the last two months. We’ve heard of names like King Shark, Guardian, Ratcatcher, Polka Dot Man, Killer Frost, and I exclusively revealed the presence of a monstrous, alien female that’ll require heavy prosthetics- who many folks seem to think might be the villainous Rampage.

Considering the rate at which The Suicide Squad news and rumors are dropping, I feel like we’re not too far from getting some sort of final confirmation on who will comprise Gunn’s Task Force X.

SOURCE: James Gunn

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