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SABRINA: Drew Goddard Will Write and Maybe Direct Adaptation


The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Martian screenwriter Drew Goddard has signed on to write an adaptation of Nick Drnaso’s graphic novel Sabrina. New Regency and RT Features are partnering on the project. They’ve partnered before on Ad Astra and The Lighthouse. Goddard will write the script, as well as produce, and also might direct.

Sabrina is a novel that focuses on a man who is grieving his missing girlfriend, Sabrina. He goes to live with an old friend who is having issues with his marriage. The friend is an Air Force surveillance expert, and helps support him when a videotape gets sent to the media and Sabrina’s disappearance goes viral. The two men start to get targeted by conspiracy theorist extraordinaires as the news cycle and social media take a vice grip on the story of Sabrina. The two men traverse the new found infamy and are challenged for their sense of truth and faith in themselves. The novel was the first graphic novel to be longlisted for the Man Booker Prize.

RT Feature’s Rodrigo Teizeira and New Regency’s Arnon Milchan will produce. New Regency will be in charge of financing the adaptation.

Drew Goddard

Goddard’s most recent work includes hidden gem Bad Times at the El Royale, which he wrote, directed and produced. He’s best known for The Martian which was nominated for an Oscar. He adapted that movie from Andy Weir’s best seller, so he has history adapting award winning fiction pieces. Goddard’s film directing debut was in 2012 with Cabin in the Woods. He has directed episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lost, and The Good Place. He recently signed a deal to work more with Disney’s 20th Century Fox TV studio.

For more on this developing project, stay tuned here at Revenge of the Fans.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter


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