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SHAZAM! 2 Enlists Writer of First Film For Sequel, With Sandberg Expected To Return As Well


Shazam! opened its release with an astonishing $159.1 million global tag on it. Considering it was made for $98 million, that’s a great number to open with, almost doubling the budget. It’s absolutely no surprise then there has been talk about quickly getting the sequel green lit to start production, what with the kids being involved in the story and aging up. With that being said, The Wrap caught that Henry Gayden, the Shazam! screenwriter has signed on to return to write Shazam! 2, and it’s also being reported that director David F. Sandberg and producer Peter Safran are expected to return as well.

Shazam! took the top spot at the box office its opening weekend, and garnered an A CinemaScore from fans. Combined with $3.3 million in the Fandango early screenings, the movie is off to a fiery start. It doesn’t have to do much to be a success with the budget it had, which is amazing. Everyone is talking about the movie which should lead it to further success, despite Avengers: Endgame coming to theaters later this month on April 26.

There’s been some talk about how each movie for DC will reflect that character’s tone in the film. This goes against a typical balance inside each film, instead separating out maybe more darker elements into different films. Where Shazam! marks a family friendly DC film, Joker might mark a need for a film parents may not need to bring their kids to.

The future is bright for Shazam!, especially with Zachary Levi in the starring role. With Dwayne Johnson giving an update on Black Adam, this little niche of the DC Universe looks like it could grow legs and walk all on it’s own. It’s exciting to see! I only hope we get to see Levi’s Shazam join the Justice League at some point, but, let’s focus on developing great characters. We can worry about team ups down the road.

SOURCE: The Wrap confirmed by Deadline


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