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Disney Officially Confirms More Deadpool


It’s time to pull out the chimichangas and celebrate! In a report from CinemaCon in Las Vegas by, Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn officially confirmed more Deadpool movies would be on the way at their official presentation at the event amongst a backdrop of tweets from star Ryan Reynolds:

You’ll be seeing more of Deadpool in the years ahead

This confirms an earlier THR report that Reynolds is expected to be the only current cast member of the current X-Men franchise to survive the move to Disney. With his character frequently breaking the fourth wall, it actually works in the franchise’s favor to have Reynolds continue in the role, since he can more or less freely address the change of ownership.

Previously, Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger had said he would like to continue Deadpool as an R-rated franchise, but that it would need to be “carefully branded.” It remains to be seen whether Deadpool will be released under the Marvel Studios banner, like X-Men and Fantastic Four have confirmed to be, or remain under the 20th Century Fox brand. There is also a question as to whether or not other Marvel Studios characters could appear in a Deadpool sequel. It all depends on how closely Disney wants R-rated films to be associated with the Marvel Studios brand. 

Disney doesn’t seem phased by the prospect of continuing some of Fox’s more mature IPs, enthusiastically promoting the more grown-up properties it has acquired from Fox. There was also a lot of talk about the future of the very R-rated Alien franchise in their presentation. Having an established alternative studio label like 20th Century Fox likely gives them a lot more flexibility as a studio.

With Deadpool 2 grossing more than $785 million world wide last year, there is no double Disney and Marvel are anxious to get a sequel out there sooner rather than later. Expect to hear more news soon!



Josh LeGuern

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