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Gotham: Fans Get Full Look At Final Joker Ahead of Series Finale


Gotham fans just got another major “first-look” to their collection. Last week they got see a glimpse of Batman. This week they get a look at the series’ Joker!

Check out this poster of Gotham‘s version of Joker, as played by Cameron Monaghan:

The series has truly come full circle with the roster of Batman villains that have appeared and regardless of one’s opinion, I believe Gotham should be applauded for their attempt to bring to life each character in the rogue’s gallery.  This version of Joker may have fans divided but the overall delivery and quality of the character is present and is not far off from the comics that the look may perceive. Sure, the loose strands of hair or the Freddy Krueger like face may not be the traits a fan might have asked for but it is what was provided to us.  Gotham has not been one to shy away from the various looks of their characters. Bane’s look was not a fan favorite and a few different actresses to include her adult and child form portrayed Poison Ivy.  

I can look past the new Jerome look and appreciate the quality in character being given to the viewer and at this point we really do not have any other choice.  When Gotham concludes I believe there will be those that wished for it to continue and not be worried about criticizing the look of the final Joker.  

What did you think of this look? Comment below and let us know.

Gotham Series finale airs on April 15.

SOURCE: Comicbook


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