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AVENGERS: ENDAME Sets Pre-Sales Records As Fans Flood Sites to Secure Tickets


Avengers: Endgame is less than a month away and everyone who is anyone is racing to sites like Fandango or AMC to secure their seats.  Unfortunately for some, racing to these sites might lead to elongated wait times before being able to purchase your ticket.  This is do to the sites experiencing issues with the large amount of users trying to make their purchases all at the same time. Fans have been clamoring to know the date of when the tickets would go on sale, when word finally got out alarms were set and we were all ready to roll to ensure we got in for the opening night. 

If you think the issues would have stopped or slowed down the movie’s ticket sales, you were completely wrong.  According to Deadline, pre-sale tickets for Endgame have already tripled first-hour ticket sales of Avengers: Infinity War.  Additionally, Fandango has reported that Endgame is number one now on their top first day pre-sellers list and number five is Infinity War.  The sales speak volumes to the commitment from the fan base especially when the fan base is greeted with a “your wait time is more than an hour” before actually being able to purchase a seat.  For those of you still waiting to purchase your tickets for opening weekend (just being honest all Thursday showings are more than likely sold out) you may still have a slight chance to get a solo seat in the theater but if you are looking for more than that then you might just have to wait until its second week.  

I too endured the wait time and waited for an hour before finding out that if I select a lesser-known theater then there wouldn’t be a wait time.  So, that is exactly what I did and purchased my Thursday ticket with no wait time.  Albeit, I still made the purchase fairly early in the day.  For those still waiting to get your tickets, good luck. For those who have secured their seats, cheers to securing a seat to a conclusion for the ages. 

Did you secure your tickets yet?

Avengers: Endgame in theaters April 25.

SOURCE: Comicbook / Deadline


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