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The ‘Stache Of Nightmares: Behind The Scenes Look At Henry Cavill’s Hairy Face in JUSTICE LEAGUE


You know how on April Fools’ Day you’re never supposed to believe any scoop you read? Well, that rule got broken yesterday, when Reel Anarchy shared a behind the scenes snapshot of a mustache Henry Cavill on the set of Justice League. The mustache got a lot of press, and wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But see for yourself, Superman with a mustache! Check out the picture below.

Closer look at the CGI dots

The image looks to be from a screen test, with a date indication of 9-8-17. Could be interpreted differently depending on where the image is from, so this could be August or September of 2017. If you’ll recall, Cavill was basically on loan from the set of Christopher McQuarrie’s Mission: Impossible- Fallout at the time, and he couldn’t shave off the mustache he’d already had on his face for most of that film’s principal photography. So the WB’s solution was to digitally remove his ‘stache for Joss Whedon’s infamous reshoots!

You can see stubble from where Cavill has shaved or waxed down part of his facial hair. In the closer screen grab, you can see the CGI dots on Cavill’s face more clearly. This image looks to be from the latter part of the movie, though I have not watched the movie recent enough to define the exact moment.

The Henry Cavill mustache issue was one of great debate, as the scenes in the movie where his face was CGI’d were very off-putting to a lot of fans. With Warner Bros. reportedly spending $25 million on the reshoots (and a ton of that allocated to his face), it was a big disappointment.

The picture doesn’t look horrible. It’s definitely weird seeing Superman with a mustache, but I think this would have looked better than the CGI shave. It’s easier to add in a beard than it is to remove it, and if you scruff the mustache up, add in some fluffy beard, that just sounds a lot better. It might have been a lot less expensive as well.

What do you think of this picture? Should they have CGI’d in a beard, or was the “CGI shave” better? Let us know in the comments below, or on social media!

SOURCE: Reel Anarchy


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