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SHAZAM! Producer Discusses How The Tones of DC Films Will Reflect Their Characters


The moment has been prepared for and now its arrival is almost upon us! David F. Sandberg’s Shazam! is finally arriving on the big screen later this week, with quite a fair bit of excitement surging behind the film. For better or worse, the Worlds of DC films seem to have entered into a new era that bears more tonal diversity from the initial wave of films released since the DCU launched in 2013. With films such as Wonder Woman, Aquaman and now Shazam! all offering cheerier moods, it wouldn’t be entirely out of the question for some fans to worry about what this means for other DC characters with new films on the way such as Batman. Thankfully, it seems that won’t be an issue!

In a new interview with IGN, Shazam! producer Peter Safran explained how Warner Bros and the various people working on upcoming Worlds of DC films are basing each new entry’s tone on the nature of the characters they focus on.

I think that DC has the same idea we do now, which is every movie that they make should have the right tone for that particular character. Shazam! is such a fun character. He is all about wish fulfillment. He is fun and funny, and that is the tone that you should have for the film. Aquaman has got a tone, fantastical element. Shazam! is fun and funny. Wonder Woman’s got her thing. I think they realize each tone has to be specific for each movie.

Safran added, “Listen, there are certain characters like Batman, like the Joker, that dark tone is perfect for them. It’s what you really want to see.

I can’t say I disagree with him. While I would argue that 2017’s The Lego Batman Movie was the best Batman film released in theaters since The Dark Knight in 2008, the character is typically best suited for darker narratives. After all, at its core, the world of Batman is largely built upon genres such as gothic horror and pulp detective stories.

In general, this speaks to the idea that there won’t be a “one size fits all” mandate when it comes to the tone of the films we are to expect from the Worlds of DC. It implies that each film will have a tone unique to the character it centers on, which sounds pretty perfect.

What do you think though? Be sure to share your thoughts below!

SOURCE: IGN via YouTube


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