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Sylvester Stallone Developing Dirty Cop Series THE TENDERLOIN


A show that uses the adjective dirty with “loin” in the title is bound to raise eyebrows and get tongues wagging. But Sylvester Stallone is not making that kind of show. Instead he’s developing a series about dirty (meaning law-breaking) cops in a New York neighborhood (known as the Tenderloin) for the History Channel.

THR has the report from the A&E up-fronts, where this was announced. Stallone is expected to direct several episodes in addition to being the Executive Producer.

The Tenderloin: Written by Stephen Kay (Sons of Anarchy, The Shield, Stallone’s Get Carter), the drama focuses on Charles Becker, who ran the NYPD’s Strong-Arm Squad tasked with battling ethnic gangs in the titular neighborhood of Manhattan — and later was sentenced to death for murder.

History’s EVP and Head of Programming Eli Lehrer had this to say about the series:

“Long before Miranda Rights or the fictional series The Shield, there was the very real Charles Becker, a police officer living by his own moral code. This is a passion project for Sylvester, who has discovered new facts on Becker’s case that shed new light on this infamous anti-hero. We look forward to joining forces with him to bring this incredible story to History audiences.”

Stallone has had something of a resurgence lately. He had one of his best turns as Rocky Balboa in Creed in 2015, and its sequel last year. He is also reprising his other most famous role as John Rambo in Rambo: Last Blood.

Stories about dirty cops – whether fictional or not – are always a hit. Look at things like The Departed and Training Day. People eat that stuff up. This will be no different.

The Tenderloin is only a working title, and could change. As far as a location goes, the section of San Francisco known as the Tenderloin is a bit more famous than the New York neighborhood, so I could see it being changed to avoid confusion on the setting. No word on a release date yet, but if they announced it at the up-fronts, it is sure to be relatively soon.

Source: A&E via THR and Deadline

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