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Maisie Williams Expresses Frustrations On THE NEW MUTANTS


I find it more than a little surreal to think that roughly a year and a half has passed since X-Men fans got the teaser trailer for Josh Boone’s horror spinoff The New Mutants. It’s a shame, because I was always excited by the premise of a horror-superhero hybrid film being made. Especially one with anything to do with the world of X-Men and mutants, as the potential of dipping into a darker exploration on the concept of superpowers and how more adolescent heroes react to their newfound abilities is rich for storytelling. Since then, fans have had to see the film delayed several times and no one seems to be sure just where and when The New Mutants will finally surface at.

In a new article from Rolling Stone, one of the film’s stars Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) expressed her own frustration on the lack of information of when fans will get to see The New Mutants for themselves. She said, “Who knows when the f— that’s gonna come out” and confirmed earlier reports that the studio has planned to do reshoots to “make it scarier” that have yet to actually happen. Williams also shared that her co-star Charlie Heaton (Stranger Things) was also in the dark when she asked him about the film. She added, “Hopefully this interview will make everyone hurry up a little bit!

At this point, I think the safe guess is that The New Mutants will eventually wind up being released on Hulu and likely without any of the previously planned reshoots. Too much time seems to have passed and it seems like it would be quite difficult to properly schedule a period for more filming so long afterward with all of the actors now working on other projects.

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SOURCE: Rolling Stone


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