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THE REVENGERS: “Director’s Cuts, Snyder’s Plans, And The DC Films We’d Love To See J.J. Abrams Make”


The RTF Trinity is back for another stacked episode of The Revengers Podcast. On the agenda this week is a long-form discussion about alternate cuts of movies. They open by discussing the very idea of seeking out a Director’s Cut of a movie- touching on their experiences with alternate versions of movies they’d already seen before. Then they dive into a very thorough discussion on the larger revelations that came out of this past weekend’s “Snyder Con” fan event, and then wrap up with what they hope will happen if J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot production company come to Warner Bros. and- hopefully- the Worlds of DC.

It’s a fun episode filled with surprising reactions from The Trinity, with one of them having a change of heart mid-segment on one of the topics covered.

Discussions like these are what make being a fan so fun.

We hope you enjoy the 46th Episode of The Revengers Podcast, which is titled “Director’s Cuts, Snyder’s Plans, And The DC Films We’d Love To See J.J. Abrams Make” and can be heard right here:

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