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RTF Review: ‘DOOM PATROL, Episodes 4-5’


These episodes are directly connected, so I’ll be reviewing them together. If you’re interested in reading my reviews for earlier episodes, click HERE. We have the first “big stakes” arc for our friends in the Doom Patrol. These two episodes really highlight the team working together fluidly for the first time. We meet a cult, an occult detective, an eye in the sky and a weird city in a… different dimension? Better and brighter items are on the horizon for Doom Patrol.

The team as a whole is the big focus of the fourth episode. They start building each other up, and actually working together. Mark Sheppard is brought in as Willoughby Kipling, an occult detective who reminds me a lot of The CW’s Constantine played by Matt Ryan. A connection could have been made here to unite the Arrowverse and the DC Universe shows and it wouldn’t have even been that noticeable. But I understand why they wouldn’t do that, and hey, Sheppard is amazing so I can live without the connectivity.

Rita Farr makes an amazing transformation in this arc. It makes me think she only needed someone to mother in order to think about anyone other than herself. She steps up to the plate big time, and in doing so she moved into one of my top characters for the series. We also have Mr. Nobody’s story expanded upon and weird time meddling in place by him. It’s strange, and it makes me wonder if Crazy Jane’s personality number was increased or not. Definitely some questions for these episodes of Doom Patrol.

Ultimately these episodes match up to the weirdness factor of the Doom Patrol. I’m really enjoying getting to know this team, and how they’re working together. I hope we get to know more about The Chief soon. The plot’s almost a little too weird for me in this arc though, but it works out for the best.

Main Character: The Doom Patrol Team

Overall Grade: A-

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