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Throughout the marketing for David F. Sandberg’s Shazam!, both via official releases and viral memes, there’s been a sense that the film sort of winks at its audience. It has a pseudo-meta feel that fans have had a ton of fun with, with the way incorporates and comments on its DC pedigree.

That’s why, to some, the film has looked like “the Deadpool of the Worlds of DC.”

We actually had this debate a few months back, where our own Mario-Francisco Robles wrote a column about why he thinks the Deadpool/Shazam! comparison is apt, and then Captain Marvel super-fan Carl Shinyama replied with his own thoughts.

Spoiler Alert: He did not think Shazam! should go the Deadpool route, and he thoughtfully explained why the two properties are fundamentally different (and should be kept that way).

Check out their Point/Counterpoint exchange right here, then go see for yourselves when Shazam! opens on April 5!

And here is Carl’s retort:

As always, don’t allow us to have the final say. Let’s keep the conversation going, fandom!

What do you think of these comparisons between DC’s latest and Deadpool? And do you have thoughts on this particular depiction of DC’s Captain Marvel? Were you hoping they’d play things more straight, the way Carl described? Sound off in the comments below!

Also, be sure to check out our first review of Shazam! We’ll be sharing more reactions and reviews in the weeks to come, but Thomas L. Kelly took the first crack at sharing his thoughts on the film.


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