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Michael Rooker To Star In MONSTER PROBLEMS, From STRANGER THINGS Producer


Michael Rooker will be starring alongside Dylan O’Brien in Monster Problems for Paramount Players, Deadline reports. Monster Problems is set to be directed by Michael Matthews, and will be produced by Shawn Levy- of Stranger Thingsfame. The script is being written by Brian Duffield and Mattthew Robinson. The concept behind the film is a mix between a coming-of-age and living in a post-apocalyptic world. There is a hope that the movie will potentially start a franchise.

Rooker will star as Clyde, an expert hunter who is showing Joel Dawson (O’Brien) the ropes on how to survive the Monster Apocalypse. Rooker can most recently be seen in season three of True Detective on HBO alongside Mahershala Ali. He just wrappeed production with Sony on Fantasy Island. He’s also starred as Yondu in the two Guardians of the Galaxy movies, and played Merle on The Walking Dead.

Paramount picked up a phenomenal actor for this movie in Rooker. This is a great decision to pull him in for a mentor role in a film. I can see Clyde right now, beating Joel Dawson over the head with an arrow. Wait that’s not right. Well we’ll see what kind of weaponry comes in to play as the movie moves further along. There is not a set timeline for the movie to come out, with O’Brien and Matthews being attached to the picture in October of last year, also reported by Deadline.

Rooker’s got 99 problems but a monster ain’t one of them. Too much? Sorry.

Stay tuned for more on the Monster Problems film, here at Revenge of the Fans.

SOURCE: Deadline


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