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ECLIPSE Seems To Be The Title Of BOND 25; More Updates


We’ve got a delightful little cocktail of James Bond 25 news for you, shaken, not stirred. (Not that Daniel Craig’s Bond cares that much.) The film is well on its way to production as it finishes up casting and puts the finishing touches on its screenplay. There are even rumors they are polishing the wheels on Bond’s all new electric Aston Martin

It looks like Bond 25 may have a title. According to Production Weekly, the title of the new film is Eclipse. That is certainly a cool title and fitting seeing as it will most likely close the chapter on Craig’s tenure as Bond to make way for a new actor to take over the role. It would also be the third consecutive film of Craig’s five picture tenure to have a one word title. His third outing was called Skyfall and his fourth Spectre. notes the former official working title was “Shatterhand” which is an alias of the villain Blofeld in the novels. Christoph Waltz portrayed Blofeld in Spectre but as of now is not expected to return for Bond 25. 

There is a detail in this story I wasn’t aware of. A few weeks ago it was reported that Us star Lupita Nyong’o was at the top of a short list to star in the film as the next love interest of the famously (infamously?) promiscuous super spy. But the report was later updated, saying that Nyong’o is no longer in the running. That’s too bad, because I think Nyong’o is terrific.

Academy Award winner Rami Malek is set to star as the new villain for this still officially untitled twenty-fifth Bond film. Naomie Harris, Ralph Finnes, Lea Seydoux, and Ben Whishaw are all expected to reprise their roles from previous films in the series.

Eon Productions and producer Barbara Broccoli like to make big announcements for these sorts of things keep checking back we’ll cover it when it breaks. 

Source: Production Weekly/Deadline


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