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Jordan Vogt-Roberts & Michael B. Jordan Team Up For Detroit Based Monster Movie


Monster movies, like spy movies, are a tried and true genre that will never go away. New Regency is funding a new one, from Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt Roberts, and Black Panther and Creed star Michael B. Jordan.

It is an original idea from Roberts, who will base the movie in his hometown Detroit (313 represent!). Details outside of that are unknown.

A screenwriter is still being searched for, but with Jordan and Roberts on board, they should enlist the talents of Jordan Roberts, who wrote the screenplay for Big Hero 6. That way the names in all 3 facets are similar.

Jordan has a lot on his plate at the moment. He is going to star in a new assassin movie called The Silver Bear, which could be the start of a franchise. He has a first look deal with Warner Bros, and will star in Just Mercy next year.

Roberts Kong movie did very well at the box office, and laid the groundwork for future appearances of the gorilla in the monster universe. He will next be seen in Godzilla Vs. Kong next year. While Roberts has nothing to do with that movie, his work on Skull Island gave him practice to make his own big monster movie.

It will presumably film in Detroit, as he tries to bring as much work there as possible. He even co-founded an improv group there, to bring creative opportunities to the city’s young people.

My entire family is from Detroit. The city holds a special place in my heart. Their sports team constantly disappoint me, but it is a badge of honor to have that city be a part of my life. Michigan has spent a ton of dough building up parts of that city. I’m sure we’ll see it get destroyed in Roberts monster movie, but the revenue and business Roberts will bring to the city will be wholly beneficial.



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