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HALO TV Series Adds New Showrunner!


After several years of gestating, it looks as if Showtime and Microsoft’s Halo TV series is finally getting off the ground! The Hollywood Reporter has learned that the new series will add a second show runner, Steven Kane. Kane is best known for his work on The Last Ship and the acclaimed, award-winning series The Closer. Kane will work with current showrunner Kyle Killen.

Kane is set to supervise the series on location while it films in Budapest, while Killen will supervise the writing and producing stateside. THR reports production will take the better part of a year of filming on location and Killen will only be on set part time. 

Halo is set to take place in the same universe as the immensely popular video game series of the same name. The original video game portrayed a future where the United Nations Space Command is fighting a war with an alien empire known as The Covenant. Their mission is to take control of The Halo Array, a long abandoned weapon created by an alien race called the Forerunners with the power to destroy all life in the entire galaxy. Through the operation they encounter The Flood, a parasitic alien zombie race that had consumed the Forerunners thousands of years before the operation. 

Halo was first announced in 2014 and has gone through a number of creative teams and challenges. Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) was first announced as executive producer and director of several episodes of the first season before dropping out. Black Mirror’s Otto Bathurst replaced him. 

There is currently no production start date or release date set for Halo, but we’ll bring you the news as soon as breaks right here on Revenge of the Fans!

Source: THR


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