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BUMBLEBEE 2 Is Bringing Back The Bayhem?


Michael Bay delivered Transformers movies for years. As time went on, the movies slowly contained more and more mayhem in the stories. The “reboot” of the franchise happened last year with Bumblebee. The future sequel, Bumblebee 2 will apparently be bringing back a little more of the mayhem, or “bayhem” from the Bay movies.

Bumblebee brought more attention to the relationship between Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld) and the yellow autobot Bumblebee. There was more focus on the relationship in this movie, and while it was loved by some, others had issues with that. They missed the crazy action scenes ,or really just action scenes in general. The producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura did an interview at SXSW with Collider where he spoke on Bumblebee 2. He said it would combine the emotional moments with some of the action scenes fans were craving.

“…the audience had asked us several times, in different ways, ‘I want to get to know a Transformer better.” We did that. In some respects, definitely a tip to what the audience had said to us. The interesting part is when you set out to do something like that, you don’t exactly know the ramifications of it. In this case, the ramification of it was, for the people who didn’t love the movie, was not enough action. Because you’re telling a more intimate story, therefore you can’t. So the criticism we got from some fans was like, ‘Hey, come on.’ It was funny, I was just in Japan…and one of the reporters said to me, ‘I love the movie, I love this, I love this, and I was very tired of Michael Bay.’ I said, ‘Uh huh, I’ve heard this before.” And he goes, ‘But you know, after watching this film, I kind of wish it had a little more Michael Bay.’ It was really funny. I said, ‘Listen, I completely understand. I like what Michael does, too. Two different films, two different attempts.’”

Bonaventura has seen this from multiple people, and as a result is going to push for a little more action to the sequel. He said, “I know the next Transformer, our attempt anyway, is to sort of do a fusion of Bumblebee and the Bay movies…a little more Bayhem. And a little bit more of the character falling in love within the emotional dynamic of the movie.” Hopefully this can bring in the final round of fans that disliked the first movie.

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