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SHAZAM! Early Box Office Tracking Is Already Moving On Up!


With all the DC news that has been flowing in recent days, it was easy to overlook that some initial box office tracking figures for Shazam! weren’t looking that impressive. Luckily for DC, those numbers are already starting to creep up. 

A few days ago Variety reported that Shazam! was tracking for a $40M in ticket sales upon hitting North American theaters in April.  Now though, Shazam! has seen its projections rise in the matter of days to $50M+, according to Forbes.  With still a few weeks until its release date it is safe to say that number will continue to climb (and maybe even avoid the title of “lowest domestic opening in the DCEU.”)

What’s interesting is that if the business mindset behind Shazam! is profit, and not beating its predecessors at the box office, then this might be a huge win for all involved even if it doesn’t climb much higher than $50M. 

Shazam! has a reported budget of $85 million, so to earn more than half of that in its first weekend in just one market is a big win for the film.  It may not cross the billion-dollar mark like Aquaman, or even the $800 million mark like Wonder Woman, but if the film does north of 500-600 million then I will go out on a limb and say that all parties will be satisfied.  According to experts, with such a low price tag all it needs to do to break even is earn around $230 million worldwide. 

With all the positive reviews coming in via social media it would be hard to see this not cross that line.  The success of this film will keep the positive momentum that began with Aquaman going.

The bad part of all this is the timing.  Captain Marvel will still be in theaters, Hellboy opens up in April, as well as Stephen King’s Pet Sematary.  There is also this little film you might have heard of called Avengers: Endgame (insert sarcasm) due to release at the end of April.  It is an under simplification to say the window for Shazam! is small, but I believe a small window is all it needs to be successful.

Shazam! opens in theaters April 5.

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