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THE FLASH: Ezra Miller Writing New ‘Darker’ Script With Grant Morrison, May Be Recast


Last ditch effort to play the role?

In what can only be described as completely shocking, Justice League actor Ezra Miller has reportedly taken to writing a draft of the screenplay for The Flash with comics legend Grant Morrison! 

In a scoop from The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision Blog newsletter, Miller is reportedly writing the screenplay as a last ditch effort to play the character. Miller is clashing with directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein who want a lighter take on the character while Miller favors a take THR describes as “darker” than theirs.

Following months of attempting to compromise, Miller has asked to do a version of the screenplay with Morrison in tow. The Flash would be Miller’s first screenplay. Grant Morrison is the legendary comics creator responsible for celebrated runs on Justice League, X-Men, and Batman. He is also the creator of Multiversity, a comics series that explores the DC Multiverse. Miller has said previously his version of The Flash would explore the DC Multiverse. Heat Vision Blog has indicated that if Miller, Daley, and Goldstein can’t come to terms on the screenplay, Miller may walk from the role.

What a bombshell.

One can’t deny there is a certain charm to an actor who’s so invested in shaping their character, but this somewhat adversarial situation brings up disturbing memories of what happened between Edward Norton and Louis Letterier during the making of Marvel’s The Incredible Hulk. And we all know how that went…

For now, it’s also important to note that this has yet to be confirmed, and all of these characterizations come directly from Borys Kit of THR. Not Miller, the studio, or Daley and Goldstein. Kit once famously characterized Alec Baldwin’s Thomas Wayne character in Todd Phillips’ Joker the following way:

“Sources telling me in this version T. Wayne is a cheesy, tanned businessman a la 1980s Trump.”

And, as a result of him framing things that way and the story becoming “Baldwin to do a younger version of his Trump impersonation from SNL” in the following days, Baldwin exited the project.

So, for now, we should focus on the newsworthy bits of THR’s report; Not its attempt to paint a particular person, party, or entity a certain way.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on The Flash and more on Revenge of the Fans!



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