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How It Almost Ended: CAPTAIN MARVEL Had A Different Ending


Captain Marvel has been in theaters for a week and it is killing it at the box office. (You can check out Tony Artiga’s spoiler review of the movie HERE). The film has been widely celebrated by everyone including the crew of Wonder Woman 1984 as the film marks the first MCU female superhero solo film. But the Captain Marvel ending is quite different from the original one. There are spoilers for Captain Marvel below, so if you haven’t seen the film yet, go watch it and come back.

Entertainment Tonight interviewed Captain Marvel editor Debbie Berman who talked about the MCU’s first female-led solo film. Berman has edited Spider-Man: Homecoming, and worked with Ryan Cooler on the Academy Award winning Black Panther, before taking on Captain Marvel. She had this to say to ET in an interview.

“I can’t imagine a better personal trilogy! To be a part of when Spidey finally came home to Marvel was phenomenal. As a South African, to be a part of Black Panther was incredible. And then to be a part of their first female-led film has been brilliant! To see all these films embraced and break financial and critical records has been overwhelming.”

Berman clearly knows the moments she’s worked with Marvel have been those once in a lifetime shots. One defining pick she’s made was the Captain Marvel ending. Originally the film ended with Carol taking off into space on her own, and Berman found that jarring.

Here’s what she said about the film’s original ending, and why she moved to change it:

“I did actually suggest some tweaks to the ending of this film. It used to end with Carol flying off into space alone, and I found that a bit jarring. Like, where exactly was she going? And what was she doing? It felt like we needed a stronger visual to assert a more specific justification for her leaving and disappearing for so many years. So we added Talos and his family in their spaceship waiting for her, and they all fly off together. It gave her more of a sense of purpose and made it easier to believe that she left her newfound life on Earth because she was with a friend we knew she cared about, and for a more specific mission. It gave more resonance and closure to her final moment in the film.”

Personally I disagree with the choice. Carol’s actions didn’t need justification, and I’m going to reference the movie here, because Carol doesn’t need to prove anything. But that’s why Berman gets paid the big bucks. She knows way more about film making and editorializing than I do.

What do you think about the change in ending? Would you have preferred Carol to leave by herself, or do you like the ending we got in the movie? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Entertainment Tonight


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