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THE FANBOY GARAGE: EPISODE 39 – Captain Marvel Soars, Aladdin Arrives and Does the Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy Stand the Test of Time?


On this episode of the of  The Fanboy Garage, hosts Aaron Virola and Chris Lisanti open the garage to immediately unpack their reactions on Captain Marvel. From glowing hands, cats and 90’s grunge, they provide an in-depth and spoiler-filled review. Beware!

You can listen to the latest episode right here…

From there, they travel to the land of Agrabah to discuss our feelings and thoughts on the latest trailer for Disney’s Aladdin. Is it a diamond in the rough or just a puff of smoke?

In celebration of Batman’s 80 anniversary, the fellas discuss the legacy of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy.

In the conversation, the explore whether or not current comic book movies can hold their weight against Nolan’s genre defining films. A champion rises to take on those films head on.

To close, they share the latest update on the Disney/Fox merger which is expected to close on March 20th

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Aaron Virola

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