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Scott Derrickson Might Have Teased Namor For DOCTOR STRANGE 2


While the future of the MCU isn’t completely known to the public, we do know some of the things in development. Things like Black Panther 2 and Guardians Of The Galaxy are definitely happening. The other one that is confirmed to happen is Doctor Strange 2. The director of the original, Scott Derrickson, is returning to helm the sequel.

He teased something interesting about it too. In a now deleted tweet, Derrickson possibly hinted at the appearance of Namor in the Doctor Strange sequel.

He tweeted the cover of a 2011 adventure called Fear Itself, featuring both Doctor Strange and Namor. It contained the caption “Are You Experienced”. It was quickly deleted, but the internet is forever. @SuperheroPOLL picked it up, with more information. “Are You Experienced” is a song from Jimi Hendrix. The lyrics to the song lend itself to a sea-based adventure.

With the success of Aquaman, Marvel would be foolish not to consider using Namor. After all both companies have a lot of similar heroes. Both companies are releasing their version of Captain Marvel within weeks of each other.

There was a question of rights issues for Namor. From previous comments, it didn’t seem that Marvel Studios had the direct rights to him. But with the success of the Spider-Man deal, and the impending buyout of 21st Century Fox properties, maybe some of the complications have been worked out.

It is possible that Derrickson was simply being a fan, or teasing another smaller element of that story. But it being deleted does make things more suspicious.

There were rumors of Namor being part of Black Panther 2 as the two characters have a rich history with each other in the comics. Namor’s involvement in Doctor Strange 2 doesn’t rule out an encounter with Black Panther, but perhaps that will be held for a Namor movie, or Black Panther 3.

Bringing Namor into the MCU via Doctor Strange 2 will set it apart from Aquaman. The comparisons are inevitable of course, but adding sorcery, and dimensions and stuff will help it not feel like a virtual carbon copy. Especially because Aquaman isn’t going away anytime soon. There will be more adventures with The King Of The BROcean coming, so if Namor is entering the MCU, they will have to coexist on our screens.

And that’s the beauty of this. They can coexist. We don’t have to choose sides. There are no rules for only seeing one. We can enjoy both. We can root for both being successful, and we can support cinema as a whole.

The MCU is going to radically change after Avengers: Endgame. We will see new characters making their big screen debut. It looks like Namor could be one of those characters.


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