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Marvel Has Graced Us With A New AVENGERS: ENDGAME Trailer & Poster


I won’t bury the lede:

We get a ton more footage than I thought. New suits, new pairings, and some distinct new hairstyles. Natasha’s hair is most notable here. It was short and blonde in Infinity War and everything seen for Endgame so far. But here it’s….not. I have a guess, but that could venture into spoiler territory. So its best if you guess on your own.

But that also means that the image of their costumes is legit. It looked like a bad Photoshop job on Natasha’s hair. But instead, it is exactly as it is supposed to be.

Avengers: Endgame Costumes

We see Clint training someone with a bow. Is it his daughter, or Kate Bishop? They seem to be giving us a ton of Barton since he was absent from Infinity War. The bow makes an appearance in the picture above. But we also see him with swords.

Tony traditionally makes the Avengers suits, so it is curious who made – and funded – them this time. The trailer did show Tony walk with the rest of the team, but who knows what the context of that was. The white and red suits are much different than the ones above.

With rumors of time travel, and different dimensions, we could be seeing different versions of these characters in Avengers: Endgame. Who better to save the universe than alternate versions of themselves?

But the best was saved for last, when Captain Marvel appears with Thor. She instantly gets his seal approval. That little smile might hint at a burgeoning relationship between the two now that Jane Foster is out of the picture. But Endgame has to do so much, it’ll be a miracle if they fit a new love story in there with it.

If that’s not all, a poster was released too:

The poster only shows the survivors of the snap. It is no accident who the two most prominent figures are on it. It might be the last poster they ever occupy.

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters April 26.


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