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Denzel Washington To Star In LITTLE THINGS For Warner Bros


Variety reports Denzel Washington is in talks to star in Warner Bros.’ Little Things. Sources said Washington was debating between multiple options for his next project. They included the Journal of Jordan movie that Michael B. Jordan is attached to. A recent meeting with the script writer John Lee Hancock(Highway Man, The Blindside) helped lead Washington to the decision of picking Little Things to work on. The movie follows a burned-out deputy sheriff named Deke(Washington) who teams up with a detective named Baxter to catch a serial killer. Deke and Baxter are at offs when it comes to the rules, but Deke is too good at his job. The movie also will encompass Deke facing a dark secret from his past.

Washington took his time deciding whether or not to commit to the film, but his commitment means the studio will likely want another high profile star as Baxter. The studio would like to begin production on the film this summer. The film does not have a director yet, but Hancock is being looked at to helm the project.

Washington just came off huge success with The Equalizer 2. He’s been flexing his director skills with Fences and an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. He is repped by WME. He’s best known for roles in films such as The Equalizer, Malcolm X, The Book of Eli, and Remember the Titans.

I’ve not seen him in much other than The Book of Eli and The Equalizer, but he was fantastic in both of those films. He has a heart of gold supporting other actors as well. I’m intrigued by the plot description of the film, and I wonder if it could take on a sort of Sherlock and Watson type vibe. What do you think about the potential here? Let us know in the comments below!

SOURCE: Variety


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