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Otakus of all ages, Big and small!

The time has come to unite and make our love of anime known here at Revenge of The Fans and all corners of fandom!

The Amateur Otaku is here to provide you with your anime fix. A joint venture of Revenge of The Fans and Wobam Entertainment, Brandon “The Scarlet Fan” Alvarado and Dr. Isak Wolff join forces to provide their thoughts, commentary and analysis on anime both old and new with the goal on motivating those that love anime to explore different styles and worlds; but more importantly provide those that have wondered about the wonderful medium that is anime, yet have not taking that leap that extra push. We will always provide sincere recommendations that will show the best that anime has to offer!

With companion articles made available throughout Revenge of the Fans and Wobam Entertainment, we at The Amateur Otaku will strive to be your ideal guide for all things anime.

So, without further ado, check out Episode 1 Parts 1 & 2 and join us in the Otaku Way!

The Amateur Otaku officially premieres Episode 1 of their long-awaited podcast! They are pumped and ready to talk some anime for your listening delight. In this episode we cover:

– The Long Awaited Live-action Adaptation Alita: Battle Angel Part 1 (Non-Spoiler Review).

– Presents: The Promised Neverland “We are so hyped about this anime!”

– The Beauty that is Netflix’s Violet Evergarden.

– Dreamscapes: Top 3 Most Wanted Anime Live-Action Adaptations.

We had a blast and give a special shout out to one of our friends at Wobam Entertainment, our good friend, Landon Beall @TheBeallman.

You can listen to Episode 1 right here:

Here it is, folks! Part 2 of our ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL feature-film review! Before you jump in, BEWARE! SPOILERS GALORE LIE AHEAD! We also talk our hopes of this film possibly jump starting a wave of live-action anime adaptations and more.

The Amateur Otaku gives a warm welcome to our friend, WOBAM’s own, Michael Thomas for an awesome deep-dive into all the good, the bad and the hero that is Alita!

Here’s Part 2 of Episode 1:

You can also check out our late-night impromptu discussion on Netflix’s Death Note movie here!

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