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Hawley’s DOCTOR DOOM Film Is Still In Limbo, Premise Revealed!


One of the earliest articles I ever wrote for Revenge of the Fans was about Noah Hawley’s Doctor Doom. It was about how the Legion and Fargo auteur had a draft for the film’s script, but the film’s fate was up in the air for the time being due to the ongoing merger between Disney and 20th Century Fox Studios. There haven’t really been any serious update on the film since then, but with the merger set to be finalized later this month, Hawley has just provided a new update on his possible Doctor Doom film.

In a new article from THR, Hawley provided an update of sorts on the film. While Doctor Doom still isn’t greenlit, the screenwriter and director revealed that he met with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and was asked by the MCU mastermind if he was still working on the script for the film.

Should I still be working on it?” Hawley replied, only to receive no concrete answer. Hawley added that he isn’t sure if the project will move forward or not and joked that Feige didn’t inform him of the MCU‘s “thousand year plan.” He also noted that the story for his film begins with Doom placing a dome over Latveria (the fictional European country that Doom rules over in the comics) and then offers a female journalist to act as his mouthpiece to the rest of the world, and that she seemingly would act as the film’s protagonist.

While I’m not sure if things will work out between Hawley and Feige, I personally hope they do. Hawley has described his take on a Doctor Doom film being something of a “geopolitical thriller,” rather than a traditional superhero film and finally delve into Latveria. While I have no doubt that Latveria will show up in the MCU whenever Feige opts to incorporate Doom into it, I like how Hawley seems to be using it as a plot point in the context of global politics.

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SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter


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