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Chinese SHAZAM! Spot Shows How The Film Honors ALL of Superman’s Cinematic Legacy


Much has been made about where Shazam! will sit, in terms of continuity. For some reason, it’s been a point of fascination since the project’s inception. Probably because it’s a New Line film, which is an offshoot of Warner Bros., as opposed to coming from WB proper. And while everyone has come to accept that the film is set firmly in the shared Worlds of DC, it’s also been made abundantly clear that the movie will honor all of DC’s history.

Especially if your name is Superman.

Just check out this 80 second Chinese spot for Shazam!, which includes references to all three iterations of Superman on screen.

If you watched that and are unsure about the homages, let me help you out:

  • The shot where we see the bullet fall onto the floor, by our hero’s boots, is a direct reference to an identical shot from Superman Returns, starring Brandon Routh
  • The aerial battle shots between Shazam! and Doctor Sivana are straight out of Man of Steel, starring Henry Cavill
  • The child playing with Superman and Batman action figures at the end of the spot is humming the John Williams “Superman March” from the classic films starring Christopher Reeve

And, over the weekend, we also found out about an epic connection the film is going to have to Smallville.

When you pair the above Kryptonian easter eggs to the sly references to Aquaman and the Batarang from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it’s really pretty impressive how much DC love they snuck into just 80 seconds. Makes you wonder how many winks and nods to DC’s past (and present) director David F. Sandberg managed to sneak into the entire movie, doesn’t it?

Shazam! arrives on April 5.

SOURCE: Twitter

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