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Watch Kevin Smith Get Emotional Over The Quick Stop’s Return In JAY AND SILENT BOB REBOOT


Anyone who knows anything about Kevin Smith knows that the Quick Stop he worked at in New Jersey is instrumental to the success of his career. Without it, Clerks doesn’t happen. Without Clerks, Kevin Smith doesn’t become the Geek Lord that he is today.

The Quick Stop is a real business, that is still functioning in New Jersey. In previous Jay and Silent Bob adventures, they would film on location at the actual Quick Stop where Smith worked pre-Clerks. Due to funding agreements for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, they were not allowed to leave Louisiana to shoot, so instead they had to create a new Quick Stop with movie magic to look like the old one.

Smith is chronicling the making of Jay And Silent Bob Reboot with a series of video diaries on his YouTube channel. The latest one, episode 4, shows Smith get emotional over the recreated Quick Stop, which via movie magic, will look like the same one that is tied to the legacy of the characters. You can watch the moment below.

Warning: This is Kevin Smith, so the language is most definitely *NSFW*

Smith is one of the most open filmmakers working today. If you follow things hard enough, you will know everything about the movie before you see it. It is nice to see him wear his heart on his sleeve. He isn’t ashamed to love what he loves, and it pays off. Just watch Captain Marvel for proof of that….

The Quick Stop is essentially its own character in Smith’s ViewAskewniverse. It is of great importance to a lot of characters. For it to be absent because of location was never going to work. You can see in the behind the scenes that it looks different with the building on the other side of the fence, and the tree there. But you will hardly be able to tell the difference in the actual movie.

As for RST Video next door, well, it’s 2019. There are hardly any video stores anymore. Instead, RST Video was replaced by a Redbox.

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This is not a @redbox ad – this is a big thank you from @jayandsilentbob Reboot to the good folks at Red Box for the Gretzky-like assist in getting us a kiosk for our movie. I Tweeted at #redbox in pre-production, asking if they could help us out and the Red Boxketeers delivered! As with all the good things in my life, this movie starts at Quick Stop. And as in the real world, video stores (like Jay and Silent Bob themselves) are a thing of the past. So to help tell our story of how time marches on and how the past gives way (reluctantly) to the inevitable future, having the modern version of a video store Clerk make a wordless cameo at the top of the flick really sets the tone. Don’t get me wrong: we’re making a vulgar l’il comedy. But since the vulgar l’il comedian behind the camera nearly dropped dead last year, there’s a surprising amount of introspection for a #jayandsilentbob flick. I know this because I spent all weekend editing, cutting together 23 minutes of the movie, including the opening and closing scenes. The first scene is easily one of the funniest sequences I’ve ever shot, and the final scene is heartbreakingly beautiful for a movie about cartoonish weed dealers who go on the journey of a lifetime. Again. We start Week 2 in 10 minutes. #KevinSmith #Jay Mewes jayandsilentbobreboot #jayandsilentbob #videostore #quickstop #JasonMewes #SilentBob #clerks #nola #neworleans #JayandSilentBobStrikeBack #indiefilm #indiefilmmaking

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This works in two ways. One, because its current, but two, it can easily explain the absence of Jeff Anderson. Jeff Anderson plays Randall, an employee at the video store. Before Reboot, Smith wanted to make Clerks 3. Anderson didn’t, and since the project can’t happen without him, it was shelved. This is a way to explain his absence in the Quick Stop scenes.

Smith has had a hell of a year after surviving a near-fatal heart attack in February of 2018. Besides making Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, he visited the set of Star Wars: Episode IX, and is working with Marvel to develop an animated Howard The Duck series. But his favorite thing might have been a reference in Captain Marvel, which makes for an incredibly sweet moment in the film.

Jay And Silent Bob Reboot should be out later this year.

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