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The Play It LOUDcast: Ep. 31 ‘ANTHEM’S Woes, Nintendo Does Mobile With Integrity & 80s MANIA WRESTLING RETURNS Developer Interview w/ Kris Osk!’


From the top rope it’s Episode 31 with a flying elbow! 1-2-3! It’s over!

On this week’s episode the Triforce of Gaming do their usual thing, but in place of a community discussion topic at the end they have their very first game industry guest and developer interview with Kris Osk of Checkmate Creative (@CheckmateCreate), main developer for mobile-game 80s Mania Wrestling Returns (@80sManiaWrestle). You can pick the game up for free on iOS and Android, so go check it out (we just really like the game, we benefit in no way from this)!

Note: If you want to jump right to the interview just scrub over to 34:00 and you should be cued up right before the interview starts.

Run of Show:

  • What are ya playin’, Stranger?
    • Anthem’s woes and why the guys have put it on hiatus
  • Current Event Topics
    • Nintendo actually tells their mobile development partners to not be predatory and try to get money out of players
    • Rumor: All-Digital Xbox One S coming this spring?
    • Smash Bros. developer Sakurai just jams an IV into his arm when he’s sick and keeps working and you’re the worst employee ever
  • Developer Interview w/ Kris Osk of Checkmate Creative – Scrub to 34:00
    • 80s Mania Wrestling Returns, the mobile game industry, wrestling, & more!

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