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GAME OF THRONES Final Battle To Be Biggest In Entertainment History


Game Of Thrones has already made its indelible mark on pop culture. The show is gearing up to end with an 8th and final season next month, and things are only going to get better.

There is a huge battle coming, in what is known as “The Battle Of Winterfell.” It will involve most, if not all, of the main characters of the show. The sequence is expected to be the “longest consecutive battle sequence ever committed to film” according to a report from Entertainment Weekly:

“What we have asked the production team and crew to do this year truly has never been done in television or in a movie. This final face-off between the Army of the Dead and the army of the living is completely unprecedented and relentless and a mixture of genres even within the battle. There are sequences built within sequences built within sequences. David and Dan [wrote] an amazing puzzle and Miguel came in and took it apart and put it together again. It’s been exhausting but I think it will blow everybody away.”

The director of the episode, Miguel Sapochnik says the closest thing he can think of, as far as longest battles go, was Helm’s Deep siege in Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers. Sapochnik had a trick in order to make sure audiences wouldn’t get “battle fatigue”.

“It feels like the only way to really approach it properly is take every sequence and ask yourself: ‘Why would I care to keep watching?’ One thing I found is the less action — the less fighting — you can have in a sequence, the better.”

HBO hasn’t been shy about throwing money at Game Of Thrones to let them do what they want. The feature length final episodes have feature length budgets. From the little that is known, it seems like that money isn’t going to waste.

Be sure to check out Entertainment Weekly’s full report. The final season of Game Of Thrones premieres Sunday, April 14th. If you’re like me and are trying to catch up, you still have a little bit of time left to do so.



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