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Sean Gunn Assures Us That GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 3 Will Happen


While James Gunn may not be actively involved with the franchise anymore, he did write the script for Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3. Marvel head Kevin Feige said that they will use Gunn’s script. Now Sean Gunn, brother of James, and Guardians cast member, has weighed in on the situation. He tells Variety that he is confident the movie will happen and that fans shouldn’t worry.

“I don’t know exactly how that’s all gonna work,” he told Variety‘s Marc Malkin when asked whether the film could work without his brother at the helm, “but I feel like we are going to make the third movie, I’m excited to make it, I think it’s a disservice to the fans if we didn’t make it and I know the people who worked on the ‘Guardians’ movies are really a family, and we’re gonna come together and make the best movie we can regardless of who’s in charge. I just have this feeling everything’s gonna work itself out.”

Gunn plays Rocket Raccoon on set (the actor to base the CGI off of) and he also plays Kraglin, a friend of Yondu and new owner of his fin.

He still seems unsure of the exact schedule, but he doesn’t seem unsure if it will happen or not. Gunn also sounds pretty confident that he will be involved with Vol 3, whenever that happens to be. We might get a better idea about what it could look like after we witness the events of Avengers: Endgame. Right now, the only two surviving members are Nebula and Rocket. Surely, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3 has more familiar faces than that.

I like the character of Kraglin, and it was curious why he wasn’t with the group in Infinity War, when he seemingly joined them at the end of Vol. 2. The answer to that probably lays in Gunn’s script. So with reassurance that it is being used, we will probably get the answer eventually. Things must be weird for Sean, with all the turmoil surrounding his brother. Luckily, the rest of the cast fully supports James so, it’s not like he is going at this alone.

Out of curiosity, how would you feel if Marvel waited for Gunn to be done with The Suicide Squad in 2021 before bringing him back to cap off the Guardians trilogy? It’s obviously very unlikely after his controversial firing at the hands of Disney, but would you be open to that? Or would the wait be too long? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Variety


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