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Cool Stuff: Watch A STAR WARS Saga Trailer From Topher Grace


Star Wars has touched a lot of people’s lives in countless ways. The result of that is content that is made by fans to share with others. Topher Grace, known for That 70’s Show, is a Star Wars fan. He (in)famously created The Phantom Edit – a recut of all 3 prequel movies into one. I won’t link it here, but you can still find it if you know where to go. Editing is a hobby of Grace’s. He does it for fun, like someone with an office job would do wood working, or something like that. His latest was a trailer for the Star Wars saga, called Star Wars: Always. You can watch it below.

This is absolutely beautiful. I sat in stunned silence for a few moments after it finished. Grace and Jeff Yorkes wrote a 5 minute and 9 second love letter to the saga using footage from all 10 movies. They also through in some deleted scenes in there. If the folks putting together Star Wars Celebration were smart, they would use this to open the event. It takes one of the most influential franchises on the planet and lays out its epic scope in a short time.

I would love Grace to do more of this. I don’t want him to stop acting, he was great in BlacKkKlansmen, because he made sure that David Duke had nothing redeemable about him when he played him. I hope he continues to do strong work like that in the future. But I also hope is love of editing never goes away, and we can get another version of this in a few years that incorporates moments from Episode IX and the slew of TV shows coming on Disney+.

Grace and Yorkes have a gift. I hope people appreciate this as much as I did. The Star Wars fandom has been a bit toxic recently, and I am (naively) hoping this can be a bridge to heal us.


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