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A New Trailer For DARK PHOENIX Might Be On The Way


Once Simon Kinberg’s Dark Phoenix and Josh Boone’s The New Mutants finally arrive to the public later this year, 20th Century Fox’s two-decade long iteration of the X-Men on film will draw to a close as Disney finalizes its purchase of the film studio and its countless film properties. While fans of the Marvel mutants might still see Channing Tatum onscreen as Gambit at some point in the future, such decisions will be made at a later date by Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and most likely play out in the MCU. For whoever is interested in seeing the current iteration of the X-Men wrap things up this year though, a new trailer for Dark Phoenix seems to be on its way.

According to Germany’s motion picture rating system, the Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle der Filmwirtschaft (FSK), a new trailer for Dark Phoenix was recently rated for audiences age 12 and over or for younger audiences with parental guidance. This rating suggests that a new trailer for the film could arrive at any given time in the near future, potentially even sometime this week.

I know that our very own MFR is looking forward to seeing Dark Phoenix when it hits theaters, but unfortunately I’m just not interested at this point. Call me cynical if you’d like, but I feel like the main X-Men series from Fox more or less already ended back in 2017 when Logan hit theaters. Naturally, we could argue over the Deadpool films with Ryan Reynolds, but I personally would argue that’s mostly a non-factor as that is almost certainly the only sect of the current guard at Fox that has any chance of staying intact and continuing forward on the big screen once Disney finalizes the purchase.

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Jonathan Brady

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