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RUMOR: An OBI-WAN KENOBI Series Is Happening At Disney +


If you have been on the Internet at all in the last few weeks, you might have seen rumors of several different Star Wars TV shows happening at Disney+. Captain Phasma, Poe and Finn, Young Leia, Q’ira, Young Lando, Rose Tico, and the Knights of Ren have all been rumored by different outlets, but another one has been rumored too, and that seems most likely: Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The Kenobi rumor comes from Star Wars News Net, which is a site that has a great track record of bringing information to fans. So while the others are entirely possible, this one holds a bit more weight, for several reasons.

One is the source, but the other is the history of the property. I have no doubts that if Lucasfilm kept to their original plan we would have a Kenobi movie already. Due to exiting talent, and the reception of Solo (which is unfair, it really is a fun flick), it seems the Kenobi movie was shelved.

There have been rumblings of a Kenobi property happening at Disney+ already. Of course, the biggest thing is Ewan McGregor’s willingness to reprise the role again. Anything Kenobi related that takes place between Episode III and Episode IV and is live action, shouldn’t involve anyone except McGregor.

While McGregor has denied that a movie is in development, he never said a TV show wasn’t, since we didn’t even think of that possibility. As far as the other properties go, I’m sure they were all talked about. They would be foolish to not consider every single one of those. But throwing ideas around is much different than actively developing something. So while I think any of those shows would be great – and have a ton of story potential – the Kenobi one makes the most sense.

Would a Kenobi series entice you as much as movie? Or are you like The Fanboy Garage‘s cohost Aaron Virola, and want nothing Kenobi related?

If this happens, it will be the best series on Disney+. Unless of course you give me a sitcom with Chewbacca bringing the Porgs back to his home planet of Kashyyyk, where chaos ensues. That would be better. But anything short of that wouldn’t be as good as Kenobi has the potential to be (especially if they bring a live-action Ahsoka in the mix, who then gets her own series!)

Source: Star Wars News Net


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