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The UK STAR WARS Twitter Account Could Be Teasing Something Coming


Normally, something like this wouldn’t be worth talking about. However, we are so starved for any and all Star Wars information, that fans will cling to any little thing. One of those things was a tweet from @StarWarsUK, which you can see below.

Now, this could be nothing. The account tweets moments from the Saga all the time, and this is just pointing out Lucas’s wonderful gift of writing dialogue. In universe, a Sith storm does happen after both of those lines are spoken, so it could just be that. But Episode IX did just wrap filming, as announced by JJ on Twitter:

@StarWarsUK is an officially run account, and we have to be getting some Episode IX news soon now that they wrapped right? A teaser or a title reveal at least. One has been rumored for a while now, but nothing has come. Maybe they are teasing that.

Normally I wouldn’t think so, but Anthony Daniels who plays C3PO in the saga, has posted some interesting things on Twitter recently. Yesterday, he posted something cryptic on Twitter:

That was the latest tweet in a series, that began with this one:

People in the know do seem to be teasing something. But maybe it’s just a smoke signal. It may have nothing to do with Episode IX. It could be more TV announcements. There are rumors of a ton of new TV projects happening on Disney +. It could be a preview for The Mandalorian, which just recently wrapped filming too.

February seems to be the month to tease. Maybe we will get something attached to Captain Marvel at the beginning of March. Or maybe we are just reading too much into things.

What do you think? Can you make anything of Daniels latest tweet? Do you think there is anything special to the StarWarsUK tweet? Let us know.


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