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There Are Plenty Of Marvel Shows On The Way Says Jeph Loeb


When the Marvel Netflix shows got cancelled, and word of only a few miniseries launching on Disney+, the future of Marvel television was in question. But if you enjoy your Marvel on the small screen, there is still more to look forward to. Hulu has four animated shows on the way, and Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb says there is even more on the way.

Talking to Decider, Loeb says:

“In terms of the future, there are quite a few things that we can’t talk about yet and when we start to, I think people will start to go ‘Oh, the restaurant wasn’t closing. You just have a new menu because you have a fabulous new chef. Got it, I’ll be there Thursday,’”

There are more properties that we don’t know about coming. As far as what they look for in someone developing a show, passion is key.

“I’m assuming that if you’ve got close enough for us to have a conversation that you have a talent, that’s sort of a given. So it really comes down to passion.”

With all of the Netflix shows ending, as well as Noah Hawley’s Legion on FX, that leaves The Runaways and Agents Of SHIELD. But Loeb wouldn’t be surprised if the Netflix properties happened again.

“I would not be surprised if any of those things reemerged. It depends on showrunner, it depends on availability of cast, all of those things. It’s not like we’re a doctor show where the show got canceled because of bad ratings,” Loeb said. “These are shows that have very different reasons [for ending], most of which I’m not at liberty to talk about, nor should anyone really care at the end of day.”

Well Mr. Loeb, the internet does care. But the good news is, things are happening, and more Marvel will be coming to TV. As for the stuff on Disney+ like the Loki series, or the Vision and Scarlet Witch series, those are more “limited” series, and overseen by Marvel President Kevin Feige, not Loeb. So those aren’t really in the conversation right now.

But have patience. Marvel will not let that medium go untouched for long.

Source: Decider



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