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Disney Receives A Divine Sign To Give PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN A Rest


Whatever your views on the existence of a higher power or lack thereof may be, I believe that human beings as a species all have moments in their lives where it feels as though something beyond our comprehension is trying to convey a message to us. Maybe it’s to take a leap of faith with your career. Maybe it’s the thought that this person you’re dating is the one for you. And in the case of the House of Mouse, the studio might be thinking right now: “We ought to walk away from Pirates of the Caribbean for awhile.”

Just four months after they were enlisted to write a new script for a Pirates reboot, Deadline reports that Deadpool and Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have recently “defected” from the project. As a result of their departure, the site reports that Disney film production chief Sean Bailey and company are now back in uncertain waters with the franchise and are unsure of where to go now.

According to Deadline’s sources at Disney, there are split opinions of what will happen now. Some say that a search for replacement writers is already underway, while others believe that the plug may finally be pulled on Pirates of the Caribbean as a franchise. The thinking with that latter option, is that they’ve decided to shelve the idea for now while they consider what to do with the Public Relations mess that is Johnny Depp these days.

As Kylo Ren famously said in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, I believe at this point that Disney should simply let the past die. The Pirates franchise has clearly run its course for the foreseeable future and would be well off to allow a lengthy slumber. I’d be a fool to claim that we should never see another Pirates of the Caribbean film ever again, but Disney has so many other franchises for the live action blockbuster venue now that they can afford to take a break on their former flagship film series.

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SOURCE: Deadline


Jonathan Brady

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