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THE FANBOY GARAGE: ‘Pro-Wrestling and The Rise of AEW with Special Guest Paul Crockett of Beyond Wrestling’


‘On this special episode of The Fanboy Garage, host Chris Lisanti (minus Aaron Virola), goes “all in” to take on the world of pro-wrestling with an in-depth look at the emergence and significance of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) with special guest Paul Crockett, the voice of Beyond Wrestling and Women’s Wrestling Revolution and the co-host of The Foreign Aces podcast.

You can listen to this episode below…

From contract signings, new talent opportunities, to potential pitfalls, competition with New Japan, Ring of Honor and the WWE and more, they cover all the ins and outs of how the AEW can stay ahead of curve and become the successful brand it hopes to be. 

They also speculate on how the AEW could approach its programming options and live events as it builds momentum. To close the segment, Chris and Paul sneak in a quick chat about Star Trek and discuss the future of the franchise. 

In a first ever fatal four-way, Chris brings on listeners Nathan, Phil, and Tavo to discuss their love of pro-wrestling, their thoughts on the industry and the introduction of the AEW to the landscape. 

In the discussion, they talk about the broader indie scene and what’s getting everyone excited about the AEW. From talent to format, the “fatal-four” dive in to all the great elements that make the AEW stand out from competitors like the WWE and more!

You can listen to Episode 35 of The Fanboy Garage right here:

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