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The BREAKING BAD Movie Is Coming To Netflix


Breaking Bad is one of the greatest television shows of all time. It spawned what might be an even better show, in the prequel Better Call Saul. Then late last year it was announced a sequel in the form of a movie would be happening too. People were curious as to where it would air. Now we seem to have that answer: Netflix.

Deadline reports that the movie, tentatively titled Greenbrier, will air on both Netflix and AMC, the home of Breaking Bad. However, they say the roles of the two platforms may be reversed. Netflix may get it before AMC does.

Netflix has both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul available on their service. In fact Better Call Saul episodes are available on Netflix the day after they air, internationally. Vince Gilligan, the creator of Breaking Bad, has credited Netflix with giving the show a longer life in the past. So they definitely have a nice relationship.

None of this is exactly surprising, as our Editor-in-Chief had been told about a Netflix connection for this project that he was speaking about on twitter back on January 24. But now we know some more particulars about how it’ll work.

The other interesting thing that Deadline reports, is that while it is one script, and being shot like a movie, it could very well be chopped up into episodes. I hope that is not the case, if it is supposed to be a movie, let it be a movie.

Greenbrier, or whatever it ends up being called is said to follow Jesse Pinkman after the events of Breaking Bad. Aaron Paul is reprising his role, and we exclusively reported that other former cast members are returning for the movie too. Gilligan wrote the script, and will presumably direct too.

Adding to the original canon of an established story is always risky. Star Wars is probably the most famous example of this. Most people agree on the original trilogy, then debate rest. Or take the Harry Potter franchise for example. The main story is incredible. The rest? Well…

That risk worked with Better Call Saul. A prequel done correctly, which at times, is a tighter, and better show than its parent. Hopefully Greenbrier can follow the same trajectory. I have faith in Gilligan.

Source: Deadline



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