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Earlier this week it was announced that Hulu has four animated shows coming, that would culminate in a miniseries called The Offenders. That is very reminiscent of what Netflix did with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, culminating into The Defenders. 3 out of the 4 of those shows have been cancelled already, with Jessica Jones not being expected to be renewed either. But perhaps they can live again on Hulu.

The Wrap caught up with Craig Erwich, Hulu’s senior vice president of originals. When asked if they could rescue some of those cancelled Marvel shows so that The Defenders crew can end up on the same network as The Offenders, this is what Erwich had to say.

“Marvel has a ton of titles we’d be interested in. It kind of just depends on when they’re ready, [and] who, most importantly, is going to be behind these things.”

While that isn’t a flat out “yes,” it certainly isn’t a no. The answer is vague enough to include those cancelled Netflix properties. On the other hand, it could mean a complete reboot of those properties with new cast, showrunners etc. Though it’s interesting he mentions the question of who is going to be “behind” any series they choose to bring over, because they already confirmed that Jeph Loeb is part of the new animated Marvel universe and he was also heavily involved in all of the Netflix stuff.

Loeb, posing with the cast of Daredevil at the premiere for Season 1

One would think that the impending arrival of Disney + would prevent Marvel from giving anything to Hulu, Netflix or any other service in the future. But Hulu’s new animated deal proves that is incorrect. Besides, after the Disney/Fox merger becomes official, Disney will own a controlling stake in Hulu. So putting shows there are still sort of keeping things…in (mouse) house. Besides, Erwich says Hulu has a great relationship with Marvel.

“We’ve had a relationship with Marvel since ‘Runaways,’ we’re getting into business on these animated shows. I’m sure it will lead to — you know, business gets you business — we have a good creative relationship with them. That’s where opportunities tend to arise.”

So Daredevil fans, don’t give up hope. There is no guarantee that we will see any of these iterations of the characters again, but things look a little better than they did.

Actually, there is a guarantee on two of them. There is still a 3rd season of Jessica Jones to see, which has already been filmed. Our sources say a certain bulletproof hero will make an appearance in that season, so he hasn’t been put in the cancelled Cage just yet….

If you take anything away from this, make it that you should never count The Defenders out. They could be back.

[Editor’s Note from MFR: “Hulu really would make the most sense for any such revivals. Since the live-action shows on Disney+ are going to be directly connected to the movies, and Marvel likely doesn’t want to have to deal with the trying to integrate shows like Daredevil and Luke Cage into their existing canon, putting them on Hulu where they can continue to exist in their own pocket universe as they had on Netflix makes a ton of sense. It’s the best fit for all parties. Fingers crossed that at least Daredevil gets another shot.

Source: The Wrap


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