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Thomas Middleditch Joins ZOMBIELAND: DOUBLE TAP


Production is now underway for Reuben Fleischer’s long awaited followup to his 2009 zombie-comedy flick Zombieland. Ten years after the original film’s release, a sequel aptly titled Zombieland: Double Tap is on its way for a theatrical release later this fall. A rather unbelievable (and since proven inaccurate) rumor emerged last summer suggesting that Sony Pictures had somehow managed to make the film from start-to-finish right under everyone’s noses. Since then, potentially more accurate rumors of the film’s main plot were reported last month and was followed up by news that actress Rosario Dawson had joined the sequel not long after. Now another actor has reportedly joined the film’s cast!

Variety reports that Silicon Valley star Thomas Middleditch has joined the zombie apocalypse in a currently unknown role. While the aforementioned rumors of the film’s plot previously provided fans with an idea of who Dawson might be playing, it would seem for now that we remain in the dark as to who Middleditch will play in Zombieland: Double Tap later this year.

Admittedly I’m not very familiar with Middleditch as an actor myself. Based on his listed credentials, the two roles I remember him most vividly from are the musical skit from Key & Peele that parodied Les Miserables and as the voice for a character named King Tommy in an episode of Rick & Morty. Maybe he’s playing one of the new types of zombies that fans will get to see in the sequel? I guess we’ll all find out in due time!

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SOURCE: Variety


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