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The Amateur Otaku Presents: Attack On Titan


A child’s imagination is endless. It is a gift that most adults lose while facing the hardships of being human. For this reason, many parents see their kid’s first years as treasures to behold and protect. Whether its by diving into their mind-scapes or tea parties, living out the Santa façade or hiding them from certain truths that could shatter their childhood bubble; to protect a child’s innocence is seen as ethical and expected today’s society. It is considered a tragedy whenever a little one’s natural sense of wonder and awe is stripped away by the ferocity of reality. When this occurs, adults are left with the despair of witnessing how trauma forces the child to grow beyond their years as a means of coping. As means of survival, and there is no instinct more basic than survival; but….

Does one’s survival retain its value in a world without freedom? In a life dominated by a palpable fear of certain death?

Such is the premise of Eren, Mikasa and Armin’s fight for their lives and those in Paradis Island.

Such is the core of….


Written and illustrated by the brilliant Hajime Isayama and published in Kodansha’s monthly collection Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine, Shingeki no Kyojin (known in the U.S. as Attack on Titan) follows Eren, Mikasa and Armin as they face the man-eating horrors that lie beyond their city walls, the nightmarish-like creatures known only as “Titans”; in their journey for vengeance, answers and freedom. Shaped by loss, desperation and the fogs of war; our leads find themselves in an ever-expanding web of intrigue and betrayal as their lives are brought closer and closer into fires of despair; as the true cost of freedom slowly uncovers and the truth of “Titans” is unraveled.

Not for the faint of heart, due to its graphic nature and depiction of gore, Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime’s in the world in recent years; not only for its fascinating action sequences, but because of its grounded story and players. Even though this anime’s pitch includes man-eating giants; they’re existence is used to aid the exploration of each characters’ sense of despair, fear and determination. By building the Titans as a catalyst of dread that conditions a character’s circumstances and emotional state; the author breathes life into these personas and makes them relatable, without reducing the creatures to a gimmick or jump-scare.

Currently on its 3rd season, with part 2 of said season arriving later in April and fans can’t wait for its arrival. In my opinion, the anime does a great job in streamlining the story in the manga (still an on-going series to this day) in the small screen with the help of series creator and writer (Isayama); which is heavily involved in its production. Though each episode is no longer than 25-26 minutes long; not a second is wasted, with each millisecond of screen-time used to help the viewer dive deeper into te show’s captivating world. From the opening music tracks to the intermissions to the ending; each episode distills the masterful work behind-the-scenes that goes into each entry.

If you are looking for a creature feature, this show is not it. If you are looking for drama, intrigue, real stakes within a horror-fantasy setting; you will love Attack on Titan. Personally, the story was so amazing for me that I had to jump into the manga when I was done with the episodes, because I need to know more! With the anime currently on episode 48 and the last manga issue that I read being volume #106; I can safely state that the story continues to get richer and exciting with each turning of the page. Another tidbit that’s exciting is the fact that series creator, Hajime Isayama, has publicly stated that the manga is reaching its end (which grants the anime with a sense of finality); making this moment in the series perfect for newcomers to start their journey outside of the walls and beyond.

Attack On Titan’s first season is available on Netflix, while all episodes published (as of now) are available NOW at Hulu, Crunchyroll, Funimation, among other streaming services.

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