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RUMOR: HALLOWEEN Sequel To Be Written By FIRESTARTER Scribe Scott Teems


Horror icon Michael Myers returned to the big screen in a big way late last year with David Gordon Green’s sequel and soft reboot Halloween. The film had an opening weekend at the box office that raked in a series high of $77.5 million– a take-in for Blumhouse that was almost eight times the film’s $10 million budget. All in a single weekend! Naturally a sequel is bound to follow up Halloween and most likely in the relatively near future. While it remains to be seen if Green will opt to return to the director’s chair, a new rumor is out as to who will pen the film!

Collider reports that frequent Blumhouse collaborator Scott Teems, who recently wrote scripts based on two Stephen King stories for the studio, is in negotiations to write the script for the Halloween sequel, based on a “well-liked” treatment he previous wrote. The site adds that it currently remains unclear, if not unlikely, whether or not Green will return to direct. Additionally there is no known timetable for the film yet, though the site speculates that Blumhouse will likely aim for a release date around Halloween 2020.

As someone who enjoyed Halloween, I’m not sure how to feel about this, even if I’m not the least bit surprised. On the one hand, I want to be optimistic and hope the sequel turns out great. However there is a reason slasher films tend to nosedive in quality quickly with sequels. It’s hard to maintain a believable story for why the monster or killer keeps surviving and coming back, or how long the heroes can outlive the villains in new sequels. Hopefully whatever Teems has thought up for the followup resonates with audiences like this most recent entry.

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SOURCE: Collider


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