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James Gunn Could Have Directed A SUPERMAN Movie Instead Of A SUICIDE SQUAD Sequel


James Gunn’s unceremonious exit from Marvel has been covered to death. It was unfortunate and unfair, but everyone seems to be trying to go on with their lives.

Gunn has signed up to write and direct a Suicide Squad movie for DC. That seems right in his wheelhouse, a group of misfits brought together to save the world, but that is not the only DC project he was offered.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gunn had his pick of a plethora of projects, including a Superman movie. He seemed to really like Krypto The Super Dog in his research, but ultimately chose to do Suicide Squad instead.

If that was an offer on the table, it does sound like Warner Bros was planning more things with Henry Cavill before negotiations fell through. There are currently no plans for a Superman movie, and Cavill’s future as the Man of Steel are up in the air, but don’t lose hope. Cavill recently took to Instagram looking more ripped than ever, standing next to an iconic character…

If things were really that dire, he would most likely be shying away from the character and focusing on promoting The Witcher. But it seems there is still hope for him to put on the spandex and cape again.

Gunn does seem better suited for Suicide Squad (though he is best suited for Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 but that is a different story), however it does make you wonder what his Superman movie would feel like. It would definitely have a light comedic and possibly hopeful tone, which I think is something a Superman movie desperately needs.

Source: THR.com

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