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Kevin Smith Reveals Details On Zack Snyder’s JUSTICE LEAGUE Trilogy


Kevin Smith is many things. But the star of the upcoming Jay and Silent Bob Reboot could best be described as a fanboy at heart. He tries to find the best in everything. Smith loves the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but also adores the DC Universe too. It is possible to love both. Smith proves that every time he talks.

The filmmaker and comedian revealed some details he learned about Snyder’s version of Justice League on his podcast Fatman Beyond. When he was in London visiting the set of Episode IX, he had lunch with some crew members who worked on both Snyder’s Justice League, and Joss Whedon’s version, which they deemed “The Josstice League”.

You can hear him talk about it below, at the 35:10 minute mark. There is some strong language throughout, since the verbose Smith has a colorful vocabulary. The discussion ends around the 38 minute mark. If you want the full set up, you can start it around the 32 minute mark.

Here is a brief recap if you can’t watch the video:

  • Crew members saw Jim Lee storyboards for all 3 Justice League movies.
  • The first movie was more or less what we saw (story wise, with Steppenwolf). Except the ending had Darkseid see the League through a Boom Tube to set up the sequel.
  • JL2 went cosmic, and would take the fight to Apokolips, and involve New Genesis (presumably).
  • JL2 would have the Lantern Corp involved.
  • The scene from the trailer with Alfred saying “Let’s hope you’re not too late” was referencing Green Lantern, not Superman. Crews had green lights to shine on Alfred to project the green glow. (The audiences reaction to this revelation is great).
  • JL2 ends dark “like Empire Strikes Back or Infinity War“. Team goes to space, gets defeated and Darkseid goes to Earth and “levels it”, setting up JL3.
  • JL3 would have the apocalyptic vision that Batman had in BvS come to light.
  • The climax of JL3 would be the heroes last stand against Darkseid and the forces of Apokolips on Earth.

Smith summed it up quite nicely afterward: “I really feel like hearing what we heard, we might have missed something.”

Now, let’s play devil’s advocate a bit. This is all hearsay. Crew members were recalling what they saw to a celebrity they liked. Embellishment’s could have happened. Even if it wasn’t on purpose, the events in your head could be more spectacular than what they actually saw on Jim Lee’s boards. Who knows if they actually saw it themselves. Those crew members might have been working off of second-hand information themselves. There is a high possibility that they wanted to show off and impress Smith. But what Smith lays out does sound great, and dark, and definitely in line with what Snyder had done in the past with DC properties. (For what it’s worth, but Smith and co-host Marc Bernardin express interest in seeing the Snyder cut at about the 40:30 mark.)

It is fun to think about what could have been. DC has a wonderful catalogue of characters, and they deserve to get justice on the big screen.

Source: Smodcast’s Fatman Beyond

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