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THE FANBOY GARAGE EPISODE 32: Shazam! and the New DCU, Black Widow Solo Movie Filming Soon, Disney+ Details Emerge, and The Oscars Hubbub


On this episode of  The Fanboy Garage, hosts Aaron Virola and Chris Lisanti unpack their thoughts on the teaser trailer for DC’s Shazam!. They have an in-depth discussion around the tone and current direction of DCU films at large post-Aquaman.

You can listen to the latest episode right here…

From there, they discuss the recent rumor on the February production of a Black Widow solo movie and speculate on the kind of film they hope it to be.

Staying in the Magical World of Disney, they share details on Disney’s strategy for the Disney+ streaming service and talk about the implications the service could have on Netflix, speculating on potential pricing information, the user experience and pricing.

To close the show, they talk briefly about The Oscars and the nominations garnered by Black Panther before diving into listener questions about the revival of Netflix Marvel shows and their first impressions of The Punisher season 2. 

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Aaron Virola

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