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AQUAMAN Surpasses THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, Becoming DC’s Highest Grossing Film Ever


Hard to believe that James Wan’s Aquaman has already been out for over a month! It wasn’t so long ago that we were writing up on how Wan gave some friendly advice to new filmmakers or when our very own MFR reviewed the film here. The DCU‘s latest film dominated at the box office for weeks and became its highest grossing film internationally at the start of the new year. Now the film has gone and set the big record!

Reports indicate that Aquaman has finally dethroned Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises as the highest grossing DC film worldwide. Over the past weekend, the film has finally taken in $1,090,754,074 worldwide (a combined $316,554,074 at the domestic box office and $774,200,000 internationally), usurping the 2012 film’s worldwide total of $1,084,939,099 ($448,139,099 domestic and $636,800,000 internationally).

As you might notice, so far Aquaman hasn’t been as great a success domestically as The Dark Knight Rises was, but the film has struck a chord with audiences internationally. I am by no means an expert in math or the market, but I do wonder what exactly might have been the reason for that peculiarity. Was it just lingering hesitation from the reception of the Zack Snyder era of the DCU? Was it the previous reputation Aquaman had as a character to casual audiences? Most importantly though, will this carry over into the inevitable sequel?

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SOURCE: Box Office Mojo, via CinemaBlend


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