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Channing Tatum Might Direct The GAMBIT Film (If It Still Happens)


A Gambit solo film has been in developed for over a decade now. It has gone through many iterations, but someone who was attached to it for a long time was Channing Tatum. He was to play the titular role for directors like Doug Liman, Gore Verbinski, and Rupert Wyatt. But none of them are connected to the film anymore.

In a story about Tatum and his agent, Deadline reported that Tatum might direct Gambit himself. The problem is, that movie might not even happen anymore- especially if you believe last week’s rumor. With the Disney merger happening, and all the characters falling under the control of Kevin Feige, things could change drastically. Any plans that Fox had for future X-Men properties could be cancelled; even X-Force, unfortunately.

No one really knows what is going on with it, but it sounds like Tatum is still on board. Whether fans want to see him Channing all over Gambit’s Tatum or not is debatable, but at least he’s passionate about it.

This movie goes all the way back to X-Men: Origins: Wolverine, when Taylor Kitsch’s version of the character was to going to get a spinoff. But due to the reaction of that movie, that was scrapped.

After X-Men: Dark Phoenix, it might be a while before we see the X-Men on the big screen again. There are rumors that New Mutants might be dumped onto Hulu, and even further rumors that Disney/Feige want to do things with them on Disney+ before the movies. So we’ll see.

I’d be very surprised if we see Tatum’s version of Gambit make to the big screen. The character will definitely get its time to shine eventually, but plans for the character will be retooled, I assume. I don’t think we should expect Channing Tatum Presents A Channing Tatum Film: Channing Tatum’s Gambit Starring Channing Tatum surviving the merger. But stranger things have happened.

Source: Deadline


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